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The Alyut Chart

A helpful chart to help keep up with my personal headcanon and AUs I made for Alyut!

About me

I'm Vayreceane, you can call me Vayre! I'm from Indonesia. I draw mostly in anime style and it ranges from paintings to animated emojis. I'm still learning to make live2d models too. I take commissions for personal use and commercial use!You can contact me on these links below:

Commission Info

Commission info for personal use!
Queue list can be checked on my discord server.

Basic & YCH commission

Basic commission can be ordered via my ko-fi site here!

Regular commission

VGen commission here!

Basic vs Regular commission

FeaturesBasic (Ko-fi)Regular
Unlimited Queue✔️
Sharing the finished work yourself (except on art sites)✔️✔️
Detailed description on the commission request✔️✔️
Max. number of characters in a canvas2
See your position in the queue✔️
Mixed Animation type (for emojis)✔️
Minimum Order for Emojis15
Private commission❌ delayed public posting is still fine (max 3 months)✔️ (additional charges apply)
Order change / WIP Preview / Minor Revision✔️
Commercial UsageOnly for Twitch emotesOnly for Twitch emotes
Super / Ultra Discount✔️
PaymentKo-fi (upon ordering)After sketch is approved
Setting Deadlines50% additional charge (if less than a month)

Terms of Service

  • Unless specified, I will post the watermarked version on my sites upon finishing. Max. 3 months delay. Private commission will get additional charges (only Regular).

  • You MAY SHARE the watermarked commissioned work on other sites (reddit, youtube, facebook, twitter, etc. Tagging me isn't mandatory but welcome.

  • You MAY NOT share the commissioned work on art sites (deviantart, artstation, pixiv, etc)

  • You MAY NOT use the commissioned work for NFT related usage.

  • You MAY NOT use the commissioned work for AI data training / submission

  • You MAY NOT sell the artwork in any form of physical goods which will gain you profit. However for personal use is fine. (For commercial usage please PM me).

  • You MAY use the commissioned emojis for your twitch / your discord server.

  • You MAY edit my work which you commissioned. However I will not give any input or assistance.

  • You MAY ask to be put as Anonymous in the commission queue / finished commission description

  • You MAY save or share the WIP I showed you, but you MAY NOT ask another artist to finish my WIP.

  • Payment is done with Ko-fi, Paypal, and Local bank transfer (IDR)

Digital Store

Animated emojis, digital artbooks, wallpapers, and more!✨ Indonesian: Karyakarsa
✨International Store: Gumroad

Merch Store

Stickers, standees, keychains, art prints, enamel pins, and more!✨ Indonesian Store: Tokopedia
International Store


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